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Posted by Tim Young on Wed, Jul 5 2017
Elevate Web Builder 2.06 Build 3 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. This build contains several bug fixes, which are detailed here.

Normally we don't add new features or enhancements in builds. But, because 2.07 is already scheduled to include the new server-side code execution and other major web server improvements, we have snuck some new features into 2.06 Build 3 instead. These new features, and some minor breaking changes, are described in the release notes:

2.06 Build 3 Breaking Changes
The following are breaking changes in 2.06 Build 3:
  • The TPanelCaptionBar and TDialogCaptionBar control interfaces have changed slightly for the desktop control interface set. The Padding property has been modified so that the right padding is 10 pixels instead of 4. This provides a more balanced caption alignment for the new exposed Alignment property for caption bar captions (see new features below).

  • The import of dataset columns in the dataset columns editor in the IDE now performs a reconciliation of the columns instead of an outright replacement of the columns. If any columns exist that don't exist in the imported columns, these columns will be moved to the end of the defined columns for the dataset where they can be manually removed, if necessary. If any of the imported columns reside in a different ordinal position in the dataset, the IDE will automatically correct the position of the affected column(s) during the import.

    In addition, there is a new reset button that allows you to reconcile the columns using the existing columns in the dataset. The only restriction on performing a reset operation is that the dataset must be defined in the Database Manager. The IDE will always prompt you to select the database where the dataset is defined, but it will first attempt to scan the defined databases to find the proper database and, if it finds it, will automatically select it before prompting you to select the database.
2.06 Build 3 Improvements
The following are new features and enhancements in 2.06 Build 3:
  • The inertia scrolling support for touch environments is now complete. This support was partially completed in 2.06 Build 2, but there were some lingering issues that needed worked out. The inertia scrolling support is automatic for touch environments and defaults to behaviors that mirror the inertia scrolling in iOS, but you can use the following TApplication properties to modify the default inertia scrolling behaviors:


  • Support for the pointer events API is now available for browsers that support touch environments but don't implement the touch events API. The browsers that only support the pointer events API are Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Edge, and the affected platforms include Windows Desktop 8/8.1, 10, and Windows Phone. You don't need to do anything at all in your code to enable this support. It is automatically enabled for these environments and the OnTouch* events will simply work now in such environments.

  • The TButtonComboBox, TEditComboBox, and TGridColumn controls now include an AutoDropDown property that, when enabled, causes the drop-down control to be shown as soon as the user starts typing in the control.

  • The TToolBarButton control now includes new AllowSelection and Selected properties that allow you to specify that the button should be selectable. Being selectable allows the user to click on the button and have the button remain in a pushed state. In this state, the Selected property will return True for the applicable toolbar button. In addition, the TToolBar control now includes a MultiSelect property to specify whether multiple toolbar buttons can be selected at the same time. In total, all of these new properties allow you to create toolbars that act like sets of check boxes or radio buttons.

  • The TDialogCaptionBar and TPanelCaptionBar controls, which are part of the TDialog and TPanel controls, respectively, now include Alignment properties that specify how the caption in the caption bar should be aligned.

  • The TDialog and TPanel controls now include an OnCaptionBarDblClick event that is fired whenever the caption bar is double-clicked.

  • The TPanel control now includes OnMinimize and OnRestore events that are fired when the panel is minimized and restored, respectively.

  • The TServerRequest component now includes new RequestURL and ResponseContentType properties. Both properties are read-only and are provided as a convenience to allow for easier identification of aspects of a request that normally require extra code to retrieve. The RequestURL property represents the complete URL being used with the request, including any query parameters specified for the request. The ResponseContentType property represents the Content-Type HTTP header, if present, from the response.

  • The TServerRequest component now includes a new OnStart event. This event is triggered right before a server request is executed.

  • The TStringBuilder class now includes a new GetString method that allows you to extract a portion of the characters as a string.

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