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Icon Elevate Web Builder 2.06 Build 5 Released

Posted by Tim Young on Wed, Jul 12 2017
Elevate Web Builder 2.06 Build 5 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. This build contains several bug fixes, which are detailed here.

Normally we don't add new features or enhancements in builds. But, because 2.07 is already scheduled to include the new server-side code execution and other major web server improvements, we have snuck some new features into 2.06 Build 5 instead. These new features, and some minor breaking changes, are described in the release notes:

2.06 Build 5 Breaking Changes
The following are breaking changes in 2.06 Build 5:
  • The TToolBarButton, TMenuBarItem, TMenuBarSeparatorItem, TMenuItem, and TMenuSeparatorItem control interfaces have been changed so that their Background.Fill.Color property is set to clTransparent for the Normal and Disabled states in both the default and desktop control interface sets.
2.06 Build 5 Improvements
The following are new features and enhancements in 2.06 Build 5:

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