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Icon Elevate Web Builder 2.06 Build 9 Released

Posted by Tim Young on Thu, Oct 19 2017
Elevate Web Builder 2.06 Build 9 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. This build contains one important fix for drop-down combo boxes:

# 4583áDrop-Down List Controls Containing a Blank Item Can Experience Clearing of Selected Value

In addition, there are several new features and improvements included in this new build:

2.06 Build 9 Improvements
The following are new features and enhancements in 2.06 Build 9:
  • The HTML5 Geolocation API is now supported via the TLocationServices class. The TLocationServices class works similarly to the TAddress class. There is a single global instance of the TLocationServices class called LocationServices, and you can use this instance to retrieve and/or track the current location information for the current machine or device. Also, the Google Maps example project has been updated to include code showing how to use the LocationServices instance to retrieve the current location information for use with the map.

  • All scrollable controls now contain a ScrollSupport property for controlling which directions the control's content can be scrolled, independently of the ScrollBars property. This will allow you to hide scrollbars in touch environments, yet still allow for scrolling via touch movements.

    Information The ScrollSupport property is kept in synch with the ScrollBars property so that the two do not conflict. For example, if you set the ScrollBars property to sbHorizontal with the ScrollSupport property already set to ssVertical, the ScrollSupport property will automatically be updated to ssBoth.

  • The TPersistentStorage class now contains a new OnChange event for detecting changes to persistent local storage made by other sessions in the host web browser. Also, the TPersistentStorage class now contains a new ClearAll method for clearing all items from local storage.

  • The TGridColumn control(s), contained within the TGrid control, now include a SingleClickToggle property that allows you to specify that only a click, as opposed to a double-click, is required in order to toggle the selected state of grid columns whose ControlType property is set to ctCheckBox.

  • The TBalloonLabel control now includes a AutoHideTime property that allows you to specify the number of milliseconds to show the balloon label control before automatically hiding the control.

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