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Posted by Tim Young on Tue, Apr 26 2022
Elevate Web Builder 3.02 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions.

The following are the new features in Elevate Web Builder 3.02:
  • There is a new View DataSet option available for any defined datasets in Databases tree of the the Server Manager. This option allows you to navigate and view the contents of any dataset.

  • There is a new TDataSet IncludeInTransaction property that allows you to specify whether you want a given dataset to be included in any active transactions.

    Information This option is only available for server applications using the 3.02 or higher Elevate Web Builder web server.

  • The system default compiler defines now include the major version number of the Elevate Web Builder compiler in the following format:


    where NNN is the major version number. For 3.02, the compiler define will look like this:

The following are the new features in the Elevate Web Builder 3.02 native server modules:
  • There are new TEWBDatabase, TEWBDataSet, and TEWBServerSession native Delphi components that mirror the equivalent TDatabase, TDataSet, and TServerSession components in Elevate Web Builder. These components allow a native Delphi application to authenticate and access the defined databases/datasets on an Elevate Web Builder web server, thus extending the client access to include native Delphi applications in addition to browser applications.

  • There are new TEWBServerRequest and TEWBServerRequestQueue native Delphi components that mirror the equivalent TServerRequest and TServerRequestQueue components in Elevate Web Builder. The primary difference is that the TEWBServerRequest component has a RequestType property that allows you to select whether you want to the request to be synchronous (the default) or asynchronous. For Elevate Web Builder client browser applications, the TServerRequest component is always asynchronous.

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