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Posted by Tim Young on Thu, Dec 8 2011
We are now taking pre-orders for Elevate Web Builder. Pre-ordering Elevate Web Builder will allow you to try out the product before the actual release date (see below). We are making this available primarily for those developers that know that they want to purchase Elevate Web Builder and are comfortable playing around with the product without documentation.

Pre-Order Guidelines
Please do not pre-order Elevate Web Builder if:
  • You are unsure if the product is right for you, or

  • You are unfamiliar with web development and will need the documentation/support in order to get up to speed with the product
If either of these descriptions fit your situation, then it will be best that you wait and download a trial version of Elevate Web Builder when the final release is available. The currently scheduled release date is December 15th, and unlike our other release targets, this one looks to be realistically achievable at this point.

We ask that you please respect these guidelines so that we can avoid a large influx of support questions right when we are trying to wrap up the final coding and get the product ready for release.

You can pre-order Elevate Web Builder by using the following link. Please be sure to select the INTRO special offer when adding the product to your cart in order to get the $159 introductory pricing.

Pre-Order Elevate Web Builder

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Comment Steve Gill said... Reply
Hi Tim,

Is the pre-order date likely to slip again?


Comment Tim Young [Elevate Software] said... Reply
No, we're good for Wednesday at this point.  There will be some bits missing in the pre-release, of course, and those I will be finishing up before the 15th.

Comment Steve Gill said... Reply
Hi Tim,

Any news on the pre-orders as it's now Wednesday (in your part of the world)?


Comment Tim Young [Elevate Software] said... Reply
Steve: updated above, we're good to go now. Smile

Comment Steve Gill said... Reply
Thanks Tim, order has been placed. It's Friday in this part of the world so just in time for the weekend. Smile

Comment Hamdi Boyaci said... Reply
Hi Admin
I am still waiting your Web Builder. What is current position?
Also I tried Raudus and uniGUI but they not enough features for me.

Comment Chad Feldman said... Reply
Hi Tim,

Are there any plans to make the Web Builder with themes for mobile apps?  In addition, have you done any testing with PhoneGap and Web Builder which brings the potential to make mobile apps for the IPhone or Android?

Last question... will it connect easily to a DBISAM database server for data?