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Posted by Tim Young on Sat, Apr 17 2010
ElevateDB 2.03 Build 11 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. This build contains bug fixes for several incident reports, which are detailed here.

ElevateDB 2.03 Build 10 was released on Thursday, but had to be replaced quickly with Build 11 due to two severe issues that were present with the ALTER TABLE statement in Build 10:

# 3185 Using ALTER TABLE To Change the Encrypted Status or Index Page Size Can Corrupt Table

# 3186 Using ALTER TABLE to Add a Primary Key to an Existing Table with No Primary Key Can Cause Corruption

An email notification was sent out to all customers, letting everyone know that you should not use 2.03 Build 10 in any application that uses the ALTER TABLE statement, nor should you use the 2.03 Build 10 release of the ElevateDB Manager to alter tables.

This latest release has some significant performance improvements added for the ALTER TABLE statement, especially when the statement only affects the columns and not the constraints, or vice-versa. These were, unfortunately, the cause of these issues, but should provide some much-needed improvements to complicated schema alterations in your database(s).

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