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Icon ElevateDB 2.03 Build 17 Released

Posted by Tim Young on Tue, Jul 6 2010
ElevateDB 2.03 Build 17 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. This build contains bug fixes for several incident reports, which are detailed here.

As indicated in the build 16 announcement, the builds are coming a little more often lately as we begin to tighten up things before the upcoming ElevateDB 2.04 release. Most of the recent bugs have been due to optimizations that were implemented to increase performance from everything to connections and disconnections to how internal object managers work. This type of work will continue to take place as the ElevateDB product line matures, but hopefully with less side-effects.

In addition, build 17 includes an updated Lazarus distribution targeted for Lazarus 9.28/Free Pascal 2.2.4. Support is now present in the ElevateDB source code for 64-bit Lazarus, so you can now use ElevateDB with Lazarus to write and deploy native applications for 64-bit versions of Windows XP and higher.

Information The Lazarus distributions don't include pre-compiled .ppu and .o files anymore due to the fact that one needs the source code to install/compile the ElevateDB packages in the Lazarus IDE. They were simply taking up extra space, so they were removed.

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