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Posted by Tim Young on Mon, Aug 23 2010
ElevateDB 2.04 is finally complete and released, so we can all take a break here at Elevate Software. Smile Well, not exactly. Frown Now that ElevateDB 2.04 is out, there are still quite a few features that need to be addressed as part of the inline builds for 2.04. To keep everyone up-to-date on what is on tap for 2.04, the ElevateDB roadmap has been updated. One of the first items that will be addressed in an upcoming build is nested transaction support. This is crucial for making transaction usage in triggers and procedures/functions much easier to handle, as well as allowing for cascading updates/deletes for foreign key constraints. In addition, we are working on a native PHP driver, and hope to have that available soon. We may even do a special promotion, so watch your inbox for a notification.

Finally, some words of caution regarding 2.04:

Please read the release notes that accompany every installation before working with 2.04, and especially before sending any applications that are compiled with 2.04 to customers. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask. There are a couple of new features in 2.04 that can cause a developer a lot of grief if they do not understand how they work, such as the virtual configuration and the non-standard NULL behavior options. The virtual configurations can cause locking issues if not implemented properly, and the non-standard NULL behavior can cause parsing/compilation errors for SQL, as well as SQL runtime execution errors.

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Comment Rodney said... Reply
A native php driver! Brilliant! Now I can finally integrate my Delphi Win32 client with a web interface without dotnet.
Thanks very much; I shall eagerly await all new developments.
Keep it up.

Comment Tiago Ameller said... Reply
This roadmap is very encouraging! A lot of job is done yet, but many features are still undone. EDB will be a very great thing if you make all this list.

Comment Steve Gill said... Reply
I agree, a native PHP driver is great news!

Comment Mauro Botta said... Reply
Which are the difference between native PHP driver and EDB-ODBC driver , for PHP developers / users... ?

Comment Tim Young [Elevate Software] said... Reply
Mauro, the native PHP driver will be a native PHP extension and not rely on the ODBC bridge extension in PHP.  The great part is that the engine will be compiled directly into the PHP driver, so for a ~2MB DLL, you'll get a complete multi-user database engine that can be used to drive any web site, either with or without the ElevateDB Server.