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Posted by Tim Young on Mon, Jan 2 2012
ElevateDB 2.07 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. You can view the release notes, including any breaking changes, on the download page before downloading.

This release was originally scheduled as a new build (2.06 Build 3) but, due to a change to the call-level API of the ElevateDB Server in order to fix a bug, it was necessary to increment the release number instead. You can find out more information about this bug here:

# 3524 Default Values for BLOB/CLOB Columns Can Cause Errors with Remote Sessions

The catalog format/version number is not changed in this release, so you can simply recompile your applications in order to deploy the fixes.

Finally, this release also fixes some issues with the 64-bit builds of ElevateDB for Delphi XE2, as well as the 64-bit versions of the ElevateDB Server and ODBC Driver.

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