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Posted by Tim Young on Wed, Mar 23 2016
ElevateDB 2.23 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions.

This release contains several bug fixes, which are detailed here. In addition to these bug fixes, there are the following breaking changes:

2.23 Breaking Changes
This release includes a breaking change to the IMPORT TABLE SQL statement. The IMPORT TABLE statement now looks to see if any incoming column data is enclosed in a pair of the specified quote delimiter characters. If so, then the import functionality will treat the incoming column data as a non-NULL value. However, if the incoming column data is not enclosed in the quote delimiter characters, then the import functionality will consider the data to be missing and leave the column as NULL. Previous to 2.23, any missing, quoted column data would be treated as a NULL value when it should have been treated as an empty string.

Information The last sentence of the above text is changed from the release notes included in the actual installations. The sentence included in the release notes was not correctly worded, but did not warrant re-running the builds, which takes about 6 hours.

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