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Posted by Sam Young on Mon, Apr 6 2015
We're now accepting pre-orders for Elevate Web Builder 2. Elevate Web Builder 2 will be released on April 27, 2015, so buy now to get a jumpstart on your next web development project.

Purchasing Elevate Web Builder 2 now will give you access to the Elevate Web Builder 2 Preview, as well as Elevate Web Builder 1.x.


Pricing for Elevate Web Builder 2 is as follows:
  • The price for a new Elevate Web Builder 2 license is $359.00

  • If you have renewed your Elevate Web Builder subscription or purchased a new license within 6 months of the Elevate Web Builder 2 release, your upgrade price is $159.00

  • If you currently own Elevate Web Builder and have not renewed your subscription within 6 months of the Elevate Web Builder 2 release, the price to upgrade to Elevate Web Builder 2 is $259.00
More Information

Elevate Web Builder 2 is a rapid application development tool for web applications. It is simple and easy to create fully interactive web applications by simply dragging and dropping components on to forms, and then changing their appearance and behaviors as desired. There is absolutely no need to learn JavaScript in order to use Elevate Web Builder 2. The product includes a compiler that compiles standard Object Pascal source code into JavaScript, and you can then quickly and easily deploy your application to the web server of your choosing. This means that you can continue to leverage existing language skills and take advantage of the many optimizations that the compiler can provide compared to hand-coded JavaScript solutions.

Some of the new features in Elevate Web Builder 2 include:
  • A brand new UI layer that supports both design-time and run-time UI element manipulation using the same codebase

  • Control interface functionality that allows for re-skinning controls interactively

  • The ability to create and install components into the IDE

  • The ability to create new form classes and use them as the basis for forms in your application

  • New layout management functionality

  • New graphics capabilities, including alpha transparency, gradients, rounded corners, shadows, and opacity

  • Several new controls/components, including a tabbed page panel, header panel, group panel, icon, animated icon, progress bar, and toolbar

  • Complete touch support

  • Support for run-time type information in the compiler, which allows for loading/saving objects to/from JSON with one call

  • Support for loading and running back-end Elevate Web Builder Web Server modules in the IDE
You can view some live demos of Elevate Web Builder 2 example applications using the following links:
You can also view a tutorial video on creating new controls with Elevate Web Builder 2 here:
We'll be posting more online demos and tutorial videos in the coming weeks. To be sure that you're notified, check to see that you are set up to receive blog post email notifications in your user profile. To access and update your user profile, make sure that you're logged in to the web site and click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of any page on the site.

As always, if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at: sales@elevatesoft.com

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