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Posted by Sam Young on Wed, Mar 16 2011
Distributors Wanted!

We are seeking distributors for both our ElevateDB and DBISAM product lines. We offer a significant commission on every sale, which means money in your pocket simply for selling a product that you know and believe in.

If you are interested in becoming an Elevate Software Distributor, please contact me at sales@elevatesoft.com for more details.

Put your knowledge of Elevate Software's products to work for you!

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Comment John Postnikoff said... Reply

I noticed that you do not have a Canadian Distributor or Rep.   My company would be interested in being listed as a support company for your products. We also could give the direct leads if that works. I believe if you expand your support network by showing who is using your products you may see more sales.

In Canada, I believe most companies that buy software would likely purchase direct. We are not setup to sell software online or packaged software, nor do I plan to for some time unless we could get a turnkey system in place like yours, which may be in the works.

I would be open to some discussion to look at some options as we are trying revamp some of our goals to create more awareness. We have some great products and success with DBISAM as the engine for our software, however we need to capitalize further on that as well, which is something that we are trying to figure out here.

You may want to consider promoting what DBISAM and Elevate DB is being used for, or what applications that these products work with to make more awareness. In our case for most parts we use it for transportation related applications, and now looking at expanding into some process automation applications.

John Postnikoff

Comment Tim Young [Elevate Software] said... Reply
Thanks John.  Did you contact Sam directly also ?