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Posted by Tim Young on Mon, Feb 22 2010
Welcome to the brand new Elevate Software web site. We hope you like the new look and feel, and would appreciate any comments below.

There are some significant changes to the way that the new web site works, so I thought it would be a good idea to detail those changes here.
  • Universal Login
    The web site now uses a universal login system for all of its functionality. This means that you must register as a user in order to access all extended functionality of the web site, including posting comments and support forum messages, submitting incident reports, downloading products, and ordering products, upgrades, or support plans. In addition, much of the web site is sensitive to whether you are logged in or not, and will present different options based upon your login status, as well as whether you are an existing customer or not. By default, all existing customers are automatically signed up as users using the existing customer user ID and password information that was used in the past.

    The universal login system also allows you to change your user information at any time, including whether to receive email notifications for various types of events at Elevate Software like new releases, minor releases, and builds. You can also specify an avatar for personalizing your posts on the support forums.

  • Universal Ordering
    The web site now uses a universal ordering/shopping cart system for all ordering, including new products, upgrades, and support plans. This should make ordering a lot easier for everyone.

  • Blog
    Of course, you already know that there's a new blog, because you're reading it right now. The blog is fairly simple at this point, with a simple tag system for categorization, basic comments functionality (login required), and an RSS 2.0 feed. If you need or want some additional functionality, just let us know. Two of the things that are already planned for when we get more content online are a monthly archive and a full-text search option.

  • Support
    The support pages have been improved in many small ways, including better organization and layout, technical bulletins dated and ordered by date, quality statistics for incident reports, easier incident report submission, and easier-to-read product manuals. The new support forums are much easier to use, and have been designed to become the preferred method of peer-to-peer support. The NNTP newsgroups are still available, but in a diminishing role since NNTP access is starting to become less and less popular.

  • Product Information
    The product information pages have been significantly changed so that they are easier to navigate and read, and do a better job of qualifying prospective customers so that they can find the right product for their needs.
You'll also notice that certain areas of the web site are now gone. Most of these areas were seldom-used, out-dated, or just stale in general. For example, the Links page is gone, mainly because it isn't 1998 anymore. Smile

As always, if you have any questions about the new web site or any of the changes, feel free to ask.

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Comment Scott Woods said... Reply
Really like the new web site - very clean and easy to use.