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Posted by Sam Young on Mon, Mar 29 2010
We have our first entry for Where In The World Is ElevateDB. The award for bravery for being one of the first to include his picture goes to Lance Rasmussen, of CDE Software in Seattle, Washington.

Lance writes:

"CDE Software (company I'm a developer for) is a vertical market software company located in Seattle, WA, supporting the sport of bowling, with statistical management of leagues and tournaments as its main product lines. In order to get common statistics and import bowlers from different leagues and tournaments, we began with DBISAM 3 and then migrated to DBISAM 4, ElevateDB 1.x and now ElevateDB 2.x. We spent a long time researching options that would integrate easily with Delphi, provide great flexibility and features, be priced reasonably and provide quality assistance when needed. Elevate Software has greatly exceeded all expectations in what we were looking for and over the years has provided support that is second to none."

We applaud Lance for being kind enough to include a picture with his entry, and hope that others will stop being so shy and follow his lead!



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Comment Adam H. said... Reply
Well done Lance.

I have my EDB T-Shirt, and have an idea for a photo, but haven't been able to do it yet. Hopefully won't be too far away.  (I love the idea!)