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Icon Where In The World Is...Our 3rd Entry

Posted by Sam Young on Thu, Jul 29 2010
Our third "Where In The World Is..." entry comes from Adam Hair, of Horsham, Australia.

Adam writes:

"I live in Australia, in a country town called Horsham. My company develops for a variety of different industries, including Smelter Materials Management, Petroleum and Education, but the largest two applications deal with the Export industry (communicating with Customs and Quarantine), and the Grain industry (Grain handling and storage, processing and packing).

We merged from the BDE to DBISam 3 a number of years ago, and now currently use DBISam 4 with the majority of our applications and have never looked back!

During my downtime I enjoy diving (mainly caves and wrecks), flying and photography - although all that may change shortly as we have our first child on our way!"

Congratulations on the new addition to your family, Adam! We appreciate your including a photo with your entry, and hope that more customers will soon follow.


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