Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 1.14

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 1.14. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

1328Using InfoPower Filter Dialog Causes Access ViolationNo
1330Loading Bitmaps into Graphic Fields Causes Read ErrorNo
1331Installation Program Path Names Not Working Properly for Delphi 1.02 Installations on Windows 3.1Yes
1338SQL Is Sensitive to FROM Clause Join OrderNo
1341Using Runtime Packages in BCB 3 or 4 Causes an Access ViolationNo
1343Setting a Master-Detail Link at Runtime Causes All Detail Records to ShowNo
1349Cannot Use the SQL MAX Aggregate Function on Date ColumnsNo
1355Locate Not Indicating that Record Exists When it is Present in Data FileNo
1372Executing a Restructure From a Read-Only (CD-ROM) Device Causes ErrorNo
1373Restructuring an In-Memory Table Does Not WorkYes
1381SQL LIKE Operator in SELECT Query Causing the Application to LockupNo
1384Subtraction Operator Not Being Handled Properly in SQL StatementsYes
1392Saving Currency Values in DBSYS Causes Improper Decimal Places to be AddedNo
1393Using Field to Field Comparisons in SQL WHERE Clause Causes Invalid Results to be ReturnedNo
1395Using International Language Drivers is Causing Invalid Duplicate Primary Key ErrorsNo
1396Locate Not Working Properly When Using an International Language DriverNo
1397Including the STDIO.H Header File in BCB Application Causes Error in CompilationNo
1398Using SQL Queries on In-Memory Tables in a Multi-Threaded Application Causes ErrorsNo
1399Subtraction of TimeStamp Fields Not Working in SQL StatementsNo
1400Size of the BLOB File Increases When Updating a Record Containing BLOB FieldsNo
1401Using Unoptimized Filters Between Two Different Instances of an Application Causes Refresh ProblemsYes
1405Nag Dialog Not Working Properly in Trial Versions for C++BuilderYes
1413The SQL IN Operator is Not Working Properly for International Settings and IntegersNo
1418SQL Star (or Multi-Way) Joins Not Working in Some QueriesNo
1419Problem with Accessing Multiple In-Memory Tables from Multiple ThreadsNo
1421AfterScroll Event Not Firing for Setting the Record Number or GotoKeyNo
1425Problem with AV When Randomly Inserting Many Records Into In-Memory Table Opened ExclusivelyNo
1429SQL Queries on Read-Only Drives or Directories Are Failing with ErrorsNo

Minor Problems