Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 1.09

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 1.09. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12549Queries that Generate Sensitive Result Sets with Expressions Cause an AV with Remote SessionsNo
12552Error Line and Column Numbers Not Being Returned During Compilation Errors with Remote SessionsNo
12553RANGE Clause Not Working Properly with ORDER BY QueryNo
12554Delphi 5 Experiencing Internal Compiler Error L1496 When Compiling Application That Uses EDBCompsNo
12555BLOB Procedure Parameters Not Working When Used As Further Parameters to StatementsNo
12557Using a Sub-Query in the SELECT Column List with a GROUP By Query Causes an AVNo
12558Error #503 Possible When Refreshing Insensitive Result Set from Stored ProcedureNo
12564After Update Triggers Not Working When Limited to Specific Updated ColumnsNo
12565Insert Triggers Are Being Executed During Repair, Optimize, or AlterNo
12568Incorrect Variable Name References in SQL/PSM Routine Cause Incorrect Error MessageNo
22583CREATE JOB Statement Causes Access ViolationNo
22586TParam Objects Not Being Stored in DFM File for TEDBQuery, TEDBStoredProc, or TEDBScript ComponentsYes
22587INSERT..SELECT Statements with Constant Value as First Select Column Not Working ProperlyYes
22589An Attempt to Create a Duplicate Index Name using CREATE INDEX Causes Table Version Number IncrementNo
22592Custom TEDBSession RemoteEncryptionPassword Property Settings Not Working ProperlyNo
22594PDF Manuals Missing ExamplesNo
22595Executing a SELECT * Query Against Multiple Databases Causes a Compilation ErrorNo
22597Using UDF in First Column of SELECT Statement Used with INSERT Statement Results in Null ValuesNo
22599Using EDBDataAdapter Update Method With INSERT Statement Causes NullReference ExceptionNo
22601Triggers That Update Their Source Table Cause Access ViolationNo
22602Inserting Rows Using .Net Can Cause Error When Trying to Delete the Rows Using Win32 ApplicationNo
32603Closing a Remote Session Causes the Server to Enter a Hard LoopNo
32604Altering a Stored Procedure or Function with a Description Causes Compilation ErrorYes
42610MIN and MAX Aggregate Functions Not Working Properly on VARCHAR or CHAR ColumnsNo
42615Column Descriptions Being Used by ADO for Column NamesNo
42616Tables with VARCHAR Columns Not Displaying Properly in Microsoft Access Using ODBC DriverNo
42617Boolean Connection String Properties Not Assigned Properly for .Net Data Provider and ODBC DriverNo
42618ElevateDB Server Window Hangs When Running as a ServiceNo
42619Compilation of Applications Using Unicode Version Require Inclusion of Compiler DefineYes
42620Importing Text Files Using Unicode Version of ElevateDB Can Cause Import ErrorNo
42624Computed Columns Not Calcuating Correctly for String ConcatenationYes
42629Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Jobs Are Being Executed Every MinuteNo
42630CREATE JOB Fails with Compilation Error for MONTHLY JobsNo
42631Altering an Existing Job and Only Modifying the Job SQL Causes the Changes to Be IgnoredNo
42632Creating a Monthly Job for a Specific Day of the Month Causes AVNo
42633Log Manager Not Showing New Log Records Without Closing and Restarting SessionYes
42636DOES NOT CONTAIN Conditions Not Selecting Correct RowsNo
42639Executing Remote SELECT Statements that Generate Insensitive Query Result Sets Can Cause #9999 ErrorNo
42640Changes to the Collation for Column Involved in Constraints are IgnoredYes
42641Connecting a Session With Pinging Turned Off Can Cause AVNo
42642Calling Procedures or Functions from Scripts Causes AVYes

Minor Problems

12556EDBReverse.pas Unit Missing From ElevateDB Manager Source CodeNo
12559Re-Arranging Columns That Are Past the First Visible Set of Columns in EDB Manager Doesn't WorkNo
12561Using LIKE in a Correlated Sub-Query On Correlated Columns Can Cause Incorrect ResultsYes
12566Out Parameters in a Script or Stored Procedure Not Being Assigned Properly in USING ClauseNo
12567Assigning a Byte Array to a BLOB Column Using ElevateDB .NET Data Provider Causes Conversion ErrorNo
12569Sub-Queries with Parameters Are Slower Than Sub-Queries without ParametersNo
22590Generated Columns That Contain Functions Not Being Updated when Rows are UpdatedNo
22591SQL Manual Missing Documentation on SQL/PSM UNPREPARE StatementNo
22593Extra Parameter in SQL/PSM Statement Does Not Raise ExceptionNo
22598Attempting to Insert an Empty String into a BLOB Column Causes a Null Exception in .NET ProviderYes
32605Windows Requires Two Shutdown Requests When ElevateDB Server is Running as an ApplicationNo
32606The .Net Data Provider Not Pinging the Server By DefaultYes
42613Previous Fix for Windows Shutdown Issue in Incident #2605 is IncompleteYes
42614Incorrect Information in Manual for SQL/PSM UNPREPARE StatementNo
42621Including an ORDER BY Clause in a Single-Row SELECT Statement Causes AVYes
42622ElevateDB Manager Not Executing Stored Procedures that Contain Only Output ParametersNo
42623KeepTablesOpen Property is Preventing Changes From Being Detected During Table OpensYes
42625Altering a Text Index Results in a Blank Filter Type Column in the ElevateDB ManagerYes
42626TEDBDatabase Database Property in Component Reference Documentation IncorrectNo
42627RESTART WITH Clause Allowed with Non-IDENTITY ColumnsNo
42628Leaving Out Interval Specification from CREATE JOB Statement Causes AVYes
42634Altering Certain Jobs in the ElevateDB Manager Results in Incorrect Settings in the Alter Job DialogNo
42635Conversion Errors Not Displaying Proper Value in Error MessageNo
42637Opening a Table with an Active Index that Has Been Dropped Causes Error in ElevateDB ManagerNo
42638Documentation Missing on Error Codes #1100 and #1101No