Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.31

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.31. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14731Using 'NULL' String as Variable Default Value in SQL/PSM Results in NULL EvaluationNo
14733Dropping or Renaming a Database with Statement/Procedure Caching Enabled Can Cause AVNo
24739Updating Exclusively-Opened Tables Can Cause Corruption in the Session-Level Table Buffer ManagerNo
34740Creating Indexes Combined with Table Optimization Operations Causes Global File I/O Buffer ErrorNo
34741Editing Rows Interactively in Grids with Active Triggers that Execute SQL Can Cause CorruptionNo
44742Row Lock Errors During Update Executions Can Cause a Dangling Read LockNo
54745Using Cached Updates with a Query Result Set Causes Invalid Identifier ErrorNo
54746Using an Escape Character with a LIKE Operator Fails if the Escaped Character is the Last CharacterNo
54747Statement Execution Logging Not Working for Statements Executed in Scripts/ProceduresNo
64750Using a Named Parameter in Multiple Contexts Can Cause a Conversion ErrorNo
74751UNION/INTERSECT/EXCEPT Operations that Contain Aggregate Expressions May See Column Conversion ErrorNo
74753PHP Extension Not Loading Parameters ProperlyNo
84758Global File I/O Buffering Can Cause Index Corruption During Repair OperationsYes
84759ElevateDB Data Provider EDBCommandTextType Enumerated Type Not CorrectNo
94760TEDBDataSet RecNo Property Assignments Not Working with Ordered, Insensitive Query Result SetsNo
94762Trying to Restore a Database on MacOS Causes an ElevateDB #600 ErrorNo
94763Migrating CHAR Columns Using the MIGRATE DATABASE Statement Results in NULL Columns in TargetNo
104755Executing a SELECT Statement Multiple Times with Different Sensitivity Requests Causes Filter ErrorNo
104767Parameters in Joins Result in Prepared SQL Statements Not Using New ParametersNo
104768ElevateDB Server Not Storing/Retrieving Global File I/O Buffering Path Specs with Spaces ProperlyNo
114769System Information Table Rows Incorrectly Cached and Leaked from Privileged User QueriesNo
114770Calling the TEDBTable FindKey Method with Incomplete Values Combined with OnFilterRecord Causes AVNo
114771Changing the RequestSensitive Property Between TEDBQuery Executions Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
124772Verification and Repair Can Report Different Results for the Same TableNo
124773MacOS Sockets Experiencing Invalid Socket Shutdown ErrorNo
134774Queries Not Using Available Indexes for ORDER BY Columns that Match View Correlation NamesNo
134778Query Optimizer Not Calculating I/O Estimates Properly for Upper Bounds of ConditionsNo

Minor Problems

94761Closing a TEDBDataSet Instance During the BeforeOpen Event Handler Causes Invalid Pointer ExceptionYes