Icon New Incident Reports for 3.17

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 3.17. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11221DBSYS Reverse Engineering Using Wrong Date and Time Format for Data ValuesYes
11224Reverse-Engineering a Table to Delphi Code with Stop Words Containing Quotes Doesn't Work ProperlyYes
11228Cancelling a Restructure After a Key Violation Causes Index File to Be CorruptedNo
11229Creating a Descending Index Via SQL Causes Descending Information to Be Set IncorrectlyNo
11230Table Passwords for Local Tables not Being Set Properly and Encrypted Tables Cannot be OpenedNo
11231Updating Tables with Null Boolean Fields or Time Fields Causes Update ConflictNo
11232Joining More Than One Table in Crystal Reports 8 Causes a Syntax Error When Running the QueryYes
11233Calling the Locate Method Results in a Field Not Found ErrorNo
11234Trying to Use the SQL REPLACE Function With a Data Column Does Not WorkNo
11235ExportTable Method of TDBISAMTable Component Causes AVNo
11236Filter Performance with Large Buffers Set Decreases After a Transaction CommitNo
11237DBSYS Not Generating Proper Reverse-Engineering Code for Delphi 7Yes
11238Using BETWEEN Operator with Tilde Character Results in Incorrect Results with ANSI Standard TablesNo
11239Using an SQL Parameter in a Binary UPDATE SET Expression Results in Incorrect Update of RecordsNo
11240Record Locks Causing Read Locks to be Held Too Long and Results in Apparent DeadlockNo
11241Modifying a Column That is Part of Full-Text Indexing May Cause the Changes to Not Be SeenNo
11312Using a BLOB Field in an OnFilterRecord Event and Editing Same Blob Causes Invalid Handle ErrorYes

Minor Problems