Icon New Incident Reports for 4.08

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 4.08. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11760Shutting Down Database Server Listening Sockets in Delphi 6 and 7 Sometimes Causes AVNo
11763LEFT and RIGHT OUTER JOINs Not Processing During-Join Conditions ProperlyNo
11766SQL IMPORT TABLE Statement Not Being Parsed CorrectlyNo
11768Database Server Is Not Unlocking Records Properly From Removed Dead SessionsNo
11769ODBC Driver Causing Problems When UnloadedNo
11770SQL EXCEPT Clause Not Working Properly When Source Tables Contain Deleted RecordsNo
11772Specifying SQL JOIN Conditions On Tables Not Involved in the JOIN Directly Causes AVYes
11775Opening and Closing Detail Tables in a Master-Detail Relationship With Active Filters May FailNo
11776SELECT TOP N Clause Not Working Properly With GROUP BY ClauseNo
11777Adding SQL WHERE Join Conditions to Existing JOIN Conditions Can Cause Internal Join ErrorYes
11781Cannot Rebuild DBSRVR Because of Missing DBISAMUT Unit and ABOUT.XFM FormNo
11782Trying to Add or Delete a User Using the Kylix-Compiled Database Server Causes the a HangNo
11784SQL DROP TABLE or CREATE TABLE Statements Not Respecting User Rights ProperlyNo
11790Multiple Executions of a Remote Query with an OnFilterRecord Event Handler Causes #9482 ErrorNo

Minor Problems

11759DISTINCT SQL NOT IN Sub-Queries Are Very SlowYes
11761#11047 Unknown OS Error Reported When One of Table's Backup Files Is Read-Only During RestructureNo
11762Double-Dash SQL Comments Not Being Handled Properly in SQL Statements During PrepareNo
11764DBSYS Shows AutoInc Fields As Not Required Even When They Are RequiredNo
11765Adding a Primary Index On a Table With a Missing .IDX File Causes AVNo
11767The Word "Requires" is Spelled Incorrectly For the #11277 Error MessageNo
11773SQL EXPORT TABLE Statement Not Working With COLUMNS ClauseYes
11774DBSYS Query Window Prepare Button Missing ShortcutNo
11778TDBISAMTable DeleteIndex and DeleteAllIndexes Methods Not Updating IndexName PropertyYes
11779An SQL SELECT Query With an ORDER BY Clause on a BLOB Column Causes Incorrect Error MessageYes
11780Including a Space in an ALTER TABLE Column Name Breaks IF NOT EXISTS ClauseYes
11783STARTDBSRVR and STARTDBCMD Linux Scripts Contain CRLF Pairs Instead of LF CharactersYes
11785SQL CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS Statement Still Attempts to Open Table ExclusivelyYes
11786The INTERSECT and EXCEPT Keywords Are Still Present in the List Of Unsupported SQLNo
11791DBSYS Not Correctly Showing BLOB Compression in MDI Browse Window Structure TabNo
11792TDBISAMParam SaveToFile Method Does Not Work If Destination File Does Not ExistYes
11793SQL TRUNC Function Causing AV When Not Using Optional TO ParameterYes