Icon New Incident Reports for 4.26

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 4.26. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12574Encrypted Remote Connections Can Cause Memory Overwrites with Transfers Larger than 64KNo
12578INNER JOINs Returning Incorrect Rows When Nested Under LEFT OUTER JoinsNo
12579Dropping a Table Opened by a Server-Side Procedure Can Cause Server AVNo
12582Cannot Re-Compile Provided Packages Due to Error in Package FileNo
22611Using ODBC Driver in Multi-Threaded Context Under .Net Can Cause Memory ErrorNo
22612Compound Query Expressions Not Being Rewritten by the Query OptimizerNo
32831OR Operator Causes Un-Optimized Table Scans When One Condition Is Optimized and Other Is NotNo
32833VerifyTable Not Reporting Text Index Corruption ProperlyNo

Minor Problems

12575Using AS Clause for Table Correlation Names Along with the EXCLUSIVE Clause Causes Parser ErrorYes
12576Creating an Index on a Table When the Lock File Is Full Causes "Database Full" Error MessageNo
12577Rebuilding DBSYS Utility Application Results in Compiler Error for DBISAMSV UnitNo
32830TDBISAMTable TextIndexFields Property Returns Blank String Unless Table Is OpenedNo
32832Need to Add Conditional Compiler Directives for FastMM4 Inclusion in Database Server Source CodeYes