Icon New Incident Reports for 2.04

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.04. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13288Placing a RETURN Statement Inside of a Nested SQL/PSM Block Causes AVYes
13293ALTER INDEX Allowed on System-Generated Constraint IndexesYes
13295Very Large BLOBs Can Take Excessive Amounts of Time to ReadNo
13296Remote Login Can Cause Session Lock Error If User Name and Password Not Specified During ConnectionYes
13298Adding Months to a DATE/TIMESTAMP Across Year Boundaries Causes Index/Range Check ErrorNo
13299Custom Word Generators Not Loading CorrectlyNo
13300Queries that Mix INNER and LEFT OUTER JOINs May Return Incorrect Results without NOJOINOPTIMIZENo
13302A View that References Other Databases Can Cause Write Lock Errors on Other Databases with View OpenYes
23305Manually Unlocking All Rows After a Previous Row was Manually Locked and Deleted Causes ErrorNo
23306UPDATE Statements that Use Sub-Queries for Assignment Can Cause Dangling Catalog Read LockNo
23307Locates Can Cause Dangling Read LockNo
23308TClientDataSet Component Not Displaying DECIMAL Values CorrectlyNo
23309Using a Scalar Sub-Query in an INSERT Statement Causes Parse ErrorNo
23310Large Insert Operations Can Cause Unbounded Growth in Index BuffersNo
23311Non-Updateable Views Can Cause AV When RefreshedNo
23312Dropping a Column and Altering a Constraint in Same ALTER TABLE Statement Can Corrupt TablesNo
23313Configuration Not Properly Saving Locking Information for Created ModulesNo
23315Sessions that Timeout on the Server Can Cause AV When Remote Session ReconnectsNo
23364ODBC Driver Not Binding VARCHAR Parameters Properly with Certain Front-EndsNo
33325.NET Data Provider Returns Error When Using Table AdaptersNo
33326Exclusively-Opened Tables Can Cause Excessive Memory ConsumptionNo
33328.NET Data Provider Raises Error When Executing Data Adapter Fill MethodYes
43337VCL Components Can Raise "Session Already Destroyed" in Delphi XE During Form/Data Module DestructorNo
43338ElevateDB Manager Can Raise "Database name already exists" Error When Opening DatabaseNo
43339ElevateDB Unicode ODBC Driver Truncating CLOB Columns When Read from Microsoft WordNo
43340Trying to Load Updates into Database with Circular Foreign Key/Primary Key Dependencies Causes HangNo
43341REPAIR TABLE Statement Can Cause AV When Repairing Damaged IndexesNo
43342DELETE Statement Can Cause AV When Comparing Row Values in WHERE ClauseNo
43343Enclosing WHERE Clause Row Value Comparisons in Parentheses Causes Parse ErrorNo
43344Using ALTER TABLE on a Table Containing GENERATED or COMPUTED Expression Columns Can Cause AVNo
43345ElevateDB Server Not Sending Modified Flags for Default Column Values Back to Remote SessionsNo
43346ElevateDB Manager Row Deletion Dialogs Not Working Properly When Escape Key HitNo
43347PUBLISH DATABASE Can Cause Catalog Corruption If Referenced Table(s) Cannot Be Opened ExclusivelyNo
43348Cascading Triggers Can Cause Invalid Old Row Values to be Passed into a TriggerNo
43349Inserting Rows From a Derived Table with ORDER BY and RANGE Causes Incorrect Inserted RowsNo
43350Cannot Use HAVING Clause Without GROUP BY in SELECT StatementNo
43351Adding Expression Filter to a Sensitive Query Result Set with RANGE Clause Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
43352Invalid Internal Expression Columns Appearing in Sensitive Query Result SetsNo
43354Executing a Query That Uses a UDF and Returns a Sensitive Result Set Can Cause Invalid Request ErrorNo
43356Row Value Comparisons Not Working Properly If Row Values Contain NULLsNo
43358Using Locate with OnFilterRecord Can Cause Rows to Not Be Found ProperlyNo
43359Updates on Sensitive Result Set Cursors with ORDER BY Can Take Longer Than NecessaryNo
43360ElevateDB .NET Data Provider Not Triggering Progress/Status/Log Events ProperlyNo
43361Using RIGHT OUTER JOIN Can Cause AV If ElevateDB Tries to Flip Join for OptimizationYes
43362JOINing a Derived Table with a RANGE Clause Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo

Minor Problems

13289ElevateDB Manager Table Dialog Not Showing DECIMAL Column Scale Values Properly after Column AlteredNo
13290Column SQL in ElevateDB Manager Generated with DECIMAL Precision of 20 Instead of 19No
13291Column Name Case Not Consistent in ElevateDB Manager Treeview and SQL View after Column AlterationNo
13292Column Properties Do Not Update After Answering No to Table Dialog Prompt in ElevateDB ManagerNo
13294CASTing a BLOB to a VARCHAR Causes First 3 Characters to Be TruncatedYes
13297Double-Clicking on Procedure/Function Dependency in ElevateDB Manager Causes AVNo
23303Custom Column/Constraint Error Messages Not Generated Properly in ElevateDB ManagerYes
23365Adding a File DSN and Not Specifying a User Name/Password in the DSN Configuration Can Cause CrashNo
33323Referencing an Outer Column in a Correlated Sub-Query SELECT List Can Cause AVYes
33324Freeing a TDataSet Descendant Without Closing Can Cause Dangling Row LocksYes
33327VCL Example Applications Code Incorrect for Stored Procedure and Trigger CreationYes
43353External Module Template Projects Not Correct for Delphi 2007No
43355Pasting Text with Embedded Tabs Causes Display Issues in SQL Editor of ElevateDB ManagerNo
43357Trying to Drop an Administrator that Has Granted Roles/Privileges Can Cause Dependency ErrorYes