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Posted by Tim Young on Tue, Aug 21 2012
We are very pleased to announce that the much-delayed Elevate Web Builder version 1 is now available for purchase and download. To find out more information on Elevate Web Builder, please visit the following link:

Elevate Web Builder Product Information

We are offering a special introductory price of $159 US until September 21, 2012. Just be sure to select the INTRO special offer code when adding the Elevate Web Builder product to your cart to receive the introductory pricing. Please use the following link to order Elevate Web Builder:

Order Elevate Web Builder

Special promotional pricing is also now available for the ElevateDB PHP Extension for customers that wish to use ElevateDB with PHP in their web server applications with Elevate Web Builder. Just be sure to select the EWB-EDBPHP special offer code when adding the ElevateDB PHP Extension product to your cart to receive a 50% discount off the normal price of the product. Please use the following link to order the ElevateDB PHP Extension:

Order ElevateDB PHP Extension

We would like to thank everyone that ordered the pre-release of Elevate Web Builder for their patience and support during a very long development cycle. After the initial announcement of the product last fall, some fairly significant, but necessary, feature requirements were added to the remaining development work. This resulted in repeated delays in the release date, but we think that the end result was worth the wait.

If you ordered the pre-release version of Elevate Web Builder, your order date was adjusted to August 20, 2012 so that you receive the full year of support from the actual release date of Elevate Web Builder. Your support plan for Elevate Web Builder that is included with the purchase will not expire until August 21, 2013.

After this initial release, we are planning on adding new features rather rapidly, especially new visual components/features, code editor improvements, and expanded database support in the DataSet Manager in the IDE. We will also be making improvements to ElevateDB to add specific Elevate Web Builder support for the PHP Extension and a built-in web server addition to the ElevateDB Server. The general idea is to offer a complete front-end and back-end web development platform for ISVs that can be easily deployed and offer the widest range of capabilities to the your users and customers.

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