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Posted by Tim Young on Mon, Jan 18 2016
ElevateDB 2.21 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions.

This release contains several bug fixes, which are detailed here. In addition to these bug fixes, there are the following breaking changes and enhancements:

2.21 New Features
The following are the new features in 2.21:
  • Non-updateable views can now be indexed using the CREATE INDEX DDL statement.

  • There is now a new ViewIndexes system information table in the Information Schema for databases.

  • There is a new NextRun system information column in the Jobs system information table.

  • There is a new AT SERVER START scheduling option for the CREATE JOB and ALTER JOB DDL statements.

  • There is a new TEDBSession RemoteConnectionTimeout property for specifying the amount of time to wait for a successful connection attempt.

  • There is a new TEDBDataSet AutoDisplayLabels property for enabling the display of column descriptions as TField display labels.

  • The TEDBTable FindNearest and GotoNearest methods now return a Boolean result indicating whether the find operation found an exact match.
2.21 Breaking Changes
This release rolls back the fix introduced for incident #4247:

# 4247 Using Extended Characters for Database Identifiers Non-English Windows Causes Error

If you are:
  • using the built-in, binary UNI collation with the case-insensitive switch (UNI_CI) with your applications/servers,

  • targeting non-English languages,

  • currently using 2.20 Build 1 with your applications/servers,
then you should make sure to update your applications/servers to 2.21 in order to avoid any issues with your databases.

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