Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.18

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.18. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14050Step Over Functionality Not Working in ElevateDB Manager Script DebuggerNo
14064COUNT * Not Working Properly when WHERE Clause Contains Correlated Sub-QueryNo
14073Reverse-Engineering Functionality Not Using Correct Dependency Order for TriggersNo
14082Configuration Log Events Can Become Stuck and Stop Reflecting New Events after RefreshNo
14086IMPORT TABLE Statement Can Experience AV with QUOTE CHAR of #0 (Null)Yes
14099Query Optimizer Not Selecting the Least Cost When Determining How to Execute a WHERE ClauseNo
14105Join Optimizer Not Selecting Optimal Join Orders Based Upon Available IndexesNo
14106Changing a Column Name Included in a Foreign Key in the Alter Table Dialog Can Cause AVNo
14107Freeing a Query with Manually-Locked Rows Can Result in Dangling Row LocksYes
14108Attempting to Rename a Database to an Existing Database Corrupts ConfigurationNo
24110JOINs Containing Row Value Constructors with Parameters Can Cause Incorrect ResultsYes
24111TEDBDataSet Locate Method Not Working with Int64 FieldsNo
24113TDataSet Descendant Components Not Displaying Data Under LazarusNo
2411464-bit ODBC Driver Displays Blank Data During Mail Merge in Microsoft WordNo
24120Loading a Replication Updates File into a Table with Computed Columns Can Cause Load ErrorNo
24122ODBC Driver Not Loading Remote IP Address Properly from RegistryNo
24123BIGINT Constant Values Can Experience Range Errors in SQL StatementsNo
24124New Rows that Re-Use BLOB Column Space from Deleted Rows Can Result in Invalid Verification ErrorsNo
24125Attempting to Delete a Row that Has Been Buffered by the TDataSet Layer Can Cause #601 ErrorNo
24126ODBC Driver Can Experience Catalog Query Errors When Accessing ANSI DatabasesNo
34137Using Configuration Names with Spaces in Them Can Cause #406 Invalid Identifier ErrorsNo
34138RAD Studio XE7 Versions of VCL Components Can Experience #1006 Unlock Error During DataSet CloseNo
44145Cannot Use the CAST() Function to Convert a String into a BLOB Value for InsertionNo
44149Invalid Default EDB Signature Used when Configuring the ElevateDB Server to use ANSI Character SetNo
44151Using CREATE TABLE to Create Table from Updates File Can Fail with Large Update FilesNo
44152Query Dependencies Not Being Used Properly During Join OptimizationYes
44153ElevateDB Server Contains a Memory Leak for FindKey OperationsNo

Minor Problems

14074Saved Invalid Filter Expressions in ElevateDB Manager Preventing Proper Table OpensNo
14078Character Set Setting Not Being Save Properly for ODBC DSNsNo
14100Changing the Node Display Type in the ElevateDB Manager Explorer Can Cause Access ViolationNo
1410264-bit Issues with ElevateDB Manager Source CodeNo
14103COUNT Function Not Working Properly with Non-Table QueriesNo
14109Cannot Access NEWROW Columns from FETCH Statement in BEFORE INSERT TriggersNo
24119Reverse Engineering an Upgrade Script Can Include Invalid ALTER StatementsNo
24127Tables with Names Containing One or More Trailing Spaces Can Experience File Manager ErrorsYes
24128Leading Spaces in ODBC/.NET Data Provider Connection Strings Cause Attribute to be IgnoredYes
24129Delphi 5, 6, and 7 Design-Time Packages Contain Incorrect Resource DeclarationYes
34134Reverse Engineering Complex Character Data for BLOBs Can Cause Performance IssuesNo
34136Reverse-Engineering Functionality Not Including Column Descriptions for ALTER COLUMN ClausesNo
44146Right-Clicking on the Help Window in the ElevateDB Manager Causes an Access ViolationNo
44148Trying to CAST a Single Minus (-) Sign to an Integer Value Results in an Unhandled ExceptionNo
44150Saving an Image to a BLOB Column Using a Stored Procedure Truncates the Image DataYes