Icon New Incident Reports for 3.01

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 3.01. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

1867Using SQL SUM Aggregate Function on 32-bit Integers Does Not Work ProperlyNo
1868UpgradeTable Method not Creating a Backup of the Index File (.IDX) During OperationNo
1869Optimizing a Table Will Reset the Last Auto Inc Value for the TableYes
1870Log (.LOG) Files Being Created But Not Removed in the DBSYS UtilityYes
1871Assigning a BLOB Parameter to a Parameterized SQL Statement Not Working ProperlyNo
1873Dividing Two Integers in an SQL or Filter Expression Produces Incorrect ResultsNo
1874Using ImportTable with Floating-Point Numbers Containing Large Number of Digits Causes ErrorNo
1875Using Aggregate Functions with an SQL Statement Containing a UNION Clause Does not WorkNo
1876Using Tables with Periods (.) in the Table Name Does not WorkNo
1877Saving of Visible Columns in DBSYS Utility Not Intuitive when Structure of Table ChangesYes
1878Restructuring a Table and Removing a Field that is Before another Indexed Field Causes AVNo
1879Using the Table Open Dialog's Directory Selection Button Causes Tables to not be Displayed ProperlyYes
1880Read-Only Ranged Property of TDBISAMTable Component Causes AV in Delphi 6 IDENo
1881CAST Function Not Working Properly when Converting Floating-Point Numbers to TextYes
1882System Tray Icon Not Appearing when Operating System Boots and Server is as a ServiceNo
1883Using TDBISAMQuery Locate method with a Live Result Set Does not Work ConsistentlyNo
1884ImportTable Method Not Working Properly in Several WaysNo
1885ExportTable Method Improperly Embedding NULLs in Exported TextNo
1887LockSemaphore and UnlockSemaphore Methods of TDBISAMTable Not Working with Remote ServerNo
1891Cannot Perform an IS NULL Comparison on Bytes Fields in an SQL or Filter ExpressionNo
1893Running an SQL Statement with the EXTRACT Function on NULL Date Columns Causes Error in Delphi 6No
1894Launching the Database Server as a Regular Application from Another Service FailsNo
1895Null BCD Field Values Can Cause Problem with Indexes and Other AreasNo

Minor Problems