Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.28

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.28. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14619ElevateDB .NET Data Adapter Not Visible in Visual Studio 2017 After InstallationYes
14620Visual Studio 2017 Experiencing "Unable to Parse Query" Errors When Trying to Create Data AdaptersNo
14622ElevateDB Server Does Not Properly Clear Thread Cache When Server's Encryption Password is ChangedYes
24656Enabling File I/O Buffering Can Cause a #601 Error with Certain I/O PatternsNo
24658Specifying a Maximum Number of Rows When Importing Results in a Duplicated Last RowNo
34661Enabling File I/O Buffering Can Result in Corruption Error when Appending/Reading DataNo
34662Experiencing a Constraint Error During an OPTIMIZE TABLE Statement Can Cause a Temp Table ErrorYes
44665VERIFY TABLE/REPAIR TABLE Statements Un-Deleting Rows During Processing and Causing Spurious ErrorsNo
54667Exporting from a Result Set in the EDB Manager Results in an Access Violation if Columns SelectedNo
54672VERIFY TABLE/REPAIR TABLE Statements Not Detecting Leaf Index Page Row CorruptionYes
54673Un-Optimized Case-Insensitive Row Value Constructor Expressions Not Compared ProperlyNo
54674SQL and Procedure Caching Can Interfere with Opening Databases After a RestoreNo
64676TEDBTable OnStatusMessage Event Not Being Fired for Triggers in Remote SessionsNo
64677.NET Data Provider Hangs During Application ShutdownNo
64678Certain Un-Optimized Conditions Not Evaluating Properly when Standard NULL Behavior OffNo
64683Global I/O Buffering Flush Check Interval Not Working ProperlyNo
74686Executing a SAVE UPDATES Statement while Using the Global File I/O Buffering Can Cause CorruptionNo
74687Altering an Index and Adding a Column to the Index Results in a Corrupted IndexNo

Minor Problems

14621Generate As Identify Option in ElevateDB Manager Create/Alter Table Dialog Incorrectly DisabledNo
14623ElevateDB Manager Not Displaying User-Granted Privileges CorrectlyNo
24657COMPARE DATABASE Not Generating Alteration Scripts for Text Indexes with Filter ColumnsNo
44664ElevateDB Manager SQL Result Set Export Fails When Using Specific Delimiter ChararctersNo
74679Jobs Table Not Showing the Correct NextRun Date/Time for Every X Days and Every X Week JobsNo