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Elevate Web Builder 1.01 Released
Posted by Tim Young on Thu, Oct 25 2012

Elevate Web Builder 1.01 is now available for download. If you're an existing customer, then you should be receiving an email shortly with download instructions. You can view the release notes, including any breaking changes, on the download page before downloading.

Elevate Web Builder 1.01 now includes several new significant features:
  • External Web Server

    An external web server (ewbsrvr.exe) is now included with Elevate Web Builder, and can be deployed royalty-free to as many customers as necessary. The web server includes complete dataset support and allows the installation of web server modules for customizing the web server behavior. This means that you now have a complete front-end and back-end solution for developing complete web applications on the Windows platform. To find out more information on the web server, please click on the following link:

    Using the Web Server

  • Web Server Modules

    You can now also create web server modules for use with the Elevate Web Builder Web Server using Delphi XE or higher. These modules can respond to custom server requests from an Elevate Web Builder application, allowing you to offload computationally-intensive code to the back-end, as well as re-using much of your existing native Delphi code with Elevate Web Builder. To find out more information on the modules, please click on one of the following links:

    Elevate Web Builder Modules Manual for RAD Studio XE (Delphi)

    Elevate Web Builder Modules Manual for RAD Studio XE2 (Delphi Win32)

    Elevate Web Builder Modules Manual for RAD Studio XE3 (Delphi Win32)

  • ADO DataSet Support

    You can now define datasets that use ADO/OLEDB/ODBC access.

  • Multiple Web Server Support

    The Elevate Web Builder IDE now allows you to register multiple web servers in the IDE using the Environment Options dialog. You can also easily select the target web server for the current project using a combo box that is now present on the main toolbar. When an external web server is selected, the IDE will use the defined URL for the web server to run the current application project in the IDE, making it very simple to prototype and test an application in its deployed environment.

  • Deploy On Run Support

    In addition to the multiple web server support, you can now configure projects to automatically deploy when they are run in the IDE via the Deployment page of the Project Options dialog. This means that you can set up the deployment options to have the project output automatically transferred to an external web server, and then run the application from that same web server, all by simply running the project in the IDE.

  • ShowHint Support

    The framework now includes ShowHint and ParentShowHint properties for all applicable components, allowing you to select when/where you wish to have hints displayed for the various components in the framework.
Unfortunately, NexusDB dataset support did not make it into this release, but will be included shortly in a new build.

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Elevate Web Builder Introductory Offer to Expire Soon
Posted by Samantha Young on Mon, Sep 17 2012

The introductory discount for Elevate Web Builder will expire on September 22, 2012. To receive the special introductory price of $159.00, you will need to place your order prior to the expiration date.

Use the following link to order Elevate Web Builder Now:

Order Elevate Web Builder

Be sure to select special offer code INTRO when adding the product to your cart in order to receive the promotional price.

Once the offer expires, the price will be $299.00. Please contact sales@elevatesoft.com if you have any questions regarding this offer.

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Elevate Web Builder Version 1 Released
Posted by Tim Young on Tue, Aug 21 2012

We are very pleased to announce that the much-delayed Elevate Web Builder version 1 is now available for purchase and download. To find out more information on Elevate Web Builder, please visit the following link:

Elevate Web Builder Product Information

We are offering a special introductory price of $159 US until September 21, 2012. Just be sure to select the INTRO special offer code when adding the Elevate Web Builder product to your cart to receive the introductory pricing. Please use the following link to order Elevate Web Builder:

Order Elevate Web Builder

Special promotional pricing is also now available for the ElevateDB PHP Extension for customers that wish to use ElevateDB with PHP in their web server applications with Elevate Web Builder. Just be sure to select the EWB-EDBPHP special offer code when adding the ElevateDB PHP Extension product to your cart to receive a 50% discount off the normal price of the product. Please use the following link to order the ElevateDB PHP Extension:

Order ElevateDB PHP Extension

We would like to thank everyone that ordered the pre-release of Elevate Web Builder for their patience and support during a very long development cycle. After the initial announcement of the product last fall, some fairly significant, but necessary, feature requirements were added to the remaining development work. This resulted in repeated delays in the release date, but we think that the end result was worth the wait.

If you ordered the pre-release version of Elevate Web Builder, your order date was adjusted to August 20, 2012 so that you receive the full year of support from the actual release date of Elevate Web Builder. Your support plan for Elevate Web Builder that is included with the purchase will not expire until August 21, 2013.

After this initial release, we are planning on adding new features rather rapidly, especially new visual components/features, code editor improvements, and expanded database support in the DataSet Manager in the IDE. We will also be making improvements to ElevateDB to add specific Elevate Web Builder support for the PHP Extension and a built-in web server addition to the ElevateDB Server. The general idea is to offer a complete front-end and back-end web development platform for ISVs that can be easily deployed and offer the widest range of capabilities to the your users and customers.

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Product Status Update
Posted by Tim Young on Mon, Jun 18 2012

As you may already know, it's been very quiet around here lately. It tends to get that way when I've got a lot of development work to get done, and that's definitely been the case lately. The following will give you an idea of what I've been up to, as well as some information on what to expect for product releases in the next month.

Elevate Web Builder

I've finally finished up the coding on EWB (again). This round added the following enhancements, and will be the final release candidate as far as features are concerned:
  • The performance of the framework has been increased dramatically through a re-factoring of the way that the framework updates browser elements during control creation and resizing. In addition, BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods have been added to both the TPanel and TForm controls to allow for suspending browser updates while creating or resizing many different controls at one time. All auto-create forms use these methods during initialization at application startup to drastically speed up the time it takes to create the forms and populate them with their design-time settings. Finally, the number of internal browser event handlers used for the TGrid control has been drastically reduced.

  • Both the TPanel and TForm controls now support automatic HTML form submittal. Building a submittal form is as simple as designing a form in the IDE and then calling a SubmitForm method at runtime. The IDE also logs all form submittals done through the IDE's local web server, allowing the developer the opportunity to view all form variables that were submitted for testing purposes. Finally, form submittals can be directed to a TPage control so that any output from a form submittal can be displayed to the end user, if so desired.

  • A new TFileUploadButton control for uploading files has been added, and it works seamlessly with the new form submittal functionality, and looks like a regular button on all browsers. When a file is selected via the button, an OnChange event is fired and the name of the file can be retrieved. This is useful for displaying the name of the file selected in a TEdit or TLabel control.

  • A new TSeparator control has been added for drawing separators or rectangles on forms or panels. Currently, you can only supply the fill color, but more properties will be introduced for borders, gradients, etc.

  • There is now date/time/number formatting functionality in the WebCore unit. The formatting is controlled via a global FormatSettings object that controls the short date and time formats, as well as the decimal separator for floating-point numbers. More formatting, including long date and time formats, will be provided as the product matures.

  • The following functions have been added to the built-in runtime: YearOf, MonthOf, DayOf, WeekDayOf, HourOf, MinuteOf, SecondOf, MSecondOf, TimeZoneOffset, EncodeDate, EncodeTime, EncodeDateTime, and StrReplace. Also, all date/time functions support a parameter for specifying whether local or UTC time is needed.

  • The TComboBox control now includes a Custom property that allows the developer to specify that a "..." custom button be used instead of a normal drop-down button with an arrow. When the user clicks on the custom button, an OnCustomClick event is fired for the control.

  • The TGrid control now includes a separator AllowAppends property to distinguish row appends vs. row inserts. Also, there is a new AlwaysShowEditor property that forces the editor to always be visible, a CustomCombo property for the grid columns and an OnCustomComboClick event for the grid to surface the above combo box functionality in the grid.

  • There is a new DataSet Manager in the IDE underneath the Project Manager that allows the developer to create datasets for use in the IDE during development (local web server usage required). Currently, you can define datasets for the ElevateDB and DBISAM database engines only, but more will be supported in the future. Once a dataset is defined, it can be dragged on to a form and dropped there, and all of the columns will automatically be defined for the dataset. The local web server in the IDE automatically knows how to respond to dataset requests for columns and rows, as well as the posting of transaction operations. This allows the developer to complete the full application development lifecycle without having to leave the IDE.

  • The dataset functionality has been enhanced significantly. There is now a new TDatabase component that controls all transactional operations across all datasets in an application, including new methods and events for starting, committing, and rolling back transactions. Nested transactions are supported now, which makes master-detail and multi-form database applications very easy to code. Also, loading a dataset is now as simply as a single TDatabase.Load method call, where the TDataSet instance is passed in to the method as a parameter. One can also use the TDatabase component to iterate over all datasets in the application. The TDataSet component now supports bookmarks with the SaveBookmark/GotoBookmark methods and includes the following new properties and events: AutoEdit, BeforeLoad, OnLoadError, AfterLoad, OnInitRow, and OnRowChanged.

  • There are a lot of new fixes that affect everything from the images to the grids to the compiler. I won't go into all of the details, but the main issues were with the tabbing/focusing in the framework and the way that the grid editors were working. The cache entries for the web browser are cleared when the application is run in the IDE, and that fixes a long-standing issue with the browser serving up cached versions of the application.
I've put together a couple of small videos that demonstrate the new DataSet Manager/dataset functionality and the form submittal functionality. You can see them here:

Elevate Web Builder DataSet Manager Demo

Elevate Web Builder Form Submittal Demo


There are some neat new features coming up in a 2.09 minor release for ElevateDB:
  • There is a new CONTAINS ANY operator that performs an OR of the search words specified instead of the default AND of the search words. This really helps improve the performance of queries that used to be force to join a bunch of CONTAINS conditions with an explicit OR operator.

  • The performance of both the LIKE and CONTAINS/CONTAINS ANY operators has been greatly improved, especially for partial-word searches.

  • You can execute a CREATE TABLE statement with a new FROM UPDATES clause that allows you to dump the contents of any replication updates file (.EDBUpd) to a table in order to audit its contents. It works like this:

    CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE "updatestest" FROM UPDATES "MainOffice-2010-12-14 17-57-12.0306" IN STORE MainUpdates

  • There is an OnServerProcedureEvent event in the TEDBEngine component that allows you to define built-in custom server procedures that can handle custom requests from a remote session. The TEDBSession component includes a new RemoteParams property and CallRemoteProcedure method that provides the functionality for allowing a remote session to call a custom server procedure.

  • The ElevateDB Server now includes a "named server" architecture for running multiple instances of the ElevateDB Server on the same machine. This makes it possible to deploy a single edbsrvr.exe on a server machine and start up many instances of the ElevateDB Server, each with its own configuration. This applies to running the ElevateDB Server as a service also.
In addition to the above enhancements, there are several bug fixes that will be included also. Among these, there is an important fix for the 64-bit ElevateDB ODBC Driver that fixes a major issue with the driver when used with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010.


The major improvement coming up for DBISAM is the 64-bit DBISAM Database Server and an important fix for the 64-bit DBISAM ODBC Driver that fixes a major issue with the driver when used with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010 (same issue as with ElevateDB).

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Elevate Web Builder Status Update
Posted by Tim Young on Thu, Dec 15 2011

The latest scheduled release date was December 15th, but unfortunately we're going to miss the release date again. At this point, I'm not going to be posting any more scheduled release dates until the product is completed. In general, circumstances have not been very cooperative this fall, especially with our internal systems. We've had to cope with a server hard drive crash (again), having to put in a new replacement server, a router failure, a power supply failure on our order processing server, and had to re-work our entire build systems for the Delphi XE2 releases. All of this has killed at least a month and a half of work that was supposed to be used finishing up Elevate Web Builder and moving on from there.

Please check in here periodically to see any updates on the product release, and thank you for your patience.

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Elevate Web Builder Pre-Orders (Updated)
Posted by Tim Young on Thu, Dec 8 2011

We are now taking pre-orders for Elevate Web Builder. Pre-ordering Elevate Web Builder will allow you to try out the product before the actual release date (see below). We are making this available primarily for those developers that know that they want to purchase Elevate Web Builder and are comfortable playing around with the product without documentation.

Pre-Order Guidelines
Please do not pre-order Elevate Web Builder if:
  • You are unsure if the product is right for you, or

  • You are unfamiliar with web development and will need the documentation/support in order to get up to speed with the product
If either of these descriptions fit your situation, then it will be best that you wait and download a trial version of Elevate Web Builder when the final release is available. The currently scheduled release date is December 15th, and unlike our other release targets, this one looks to be realistically achievable at this point.

We ask that you please respect these guidelines so that we can avoid a large influx of support questions right when we are trying to wrap up the final coding and get the product ready for release.

You can pre-order Elevate Web Builder by using the following link. Please be sure to select the INTRO special offer when adding the product to your cart in order to get the $159 introductory pricing.

Pre-Order Elevate Web Builder

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