Icon New Incident Reports for 2.05

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.05. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13366ALL Triggers Incorrectly Raising Error Message When NEWROW Columns ModifiedYes
13368.NET Data Provider Leaking Memory for EDBCommand Created Automatically in the EDBDataAdapter ClassNo
13369Loading Updates Using LOAD UPDATES Statement Can Cause AVNo
13370Restoring a Backup Created Using EXCLUDE PUBLISHED UPDATES Clause Causes ErrorYes
13371Parameters Not Working Correctly When Used in CAST FunctionsNo
23372Replication Not Handling BLOB/CLOB Column Values for Inserted Rows CorrectlyNo
23375INOUT Parameters Not Working Properly with Recursive ProceduresYes
23376C++Builder Trial Versions Are Missing HPP Header FilesNo
23377Trying to Update a Published Table That Is Being Loaded Can Cause HangNo
33381Loading Information Tables with Many Descriptions Takes Too LongNo
33382Cannot Recompile Servers or Utilities Due to Missing UnitsNo
33384VERIFY/REPAIR Functionality Not Verifying Header Information ProperlyNo
33385Altering a Foreign Key Column Via ALTER TABLE Can Cause #601 Corruption ErrorNo
33386EDB Incorrectly Allowing Configuration Objects to be Renamed to an Existing ObjectNo
33387Recursive Procedures Still Not Working CorrectlyYes
33388Unknown Parameter Types Not Being Assigned Properly from Passed Parameter ValuesNo
33389Jobs Scheduled for Monthly Execution Incorrectly Execute Every MinuteNo
33390Altering INTEGER Columns to IDENTITY Columns Can Cause Incorrect Last Identity Seed Value in TableNo
33391ERROR Triggers Consuming Exceptions Even When WHEN Clause Evaluates to FalseNo
33392ODBC Driver Can Cause Issue with Client Applications Using Fixed Buffers for Connection StringsNo
43405LIKE Operator Not Working Correctly Both With and Without Escape CharactersNo
43410EXPORT TABLE Not Working Correctly with ViewsNo
43411Using REPAIR TABLE to Fix Indexes After Word Generator Changes Causes ErrorNo
43413Assigning a DECIMAL Column with a Larger Scale to a Column in a Routine Can Cause Rounding IssueNo
43414LIST Aggregate Function Ignoring Empty StringsNo
43415Self-Referencing Foreign Key Constraints Not Checked for Current Row During UpdatesNo
43416Calling RETRY From an ERROR Trigger Has No EffectNo
43417Unicode Migrators Not Converting Memo Fields to Unicode ProperlyNo
43420Using Constant Array Version of TEDBDatabase.StartTransaction Method Causes Error on Commit/RollbackYes
43421ElevateDB Server Allowing Remote Sessions to Improperly Reconnect to SessionsNo
43422Opening and Closing Tables with Foreign Key Constraints in Certain Orders Can Cause an AVNo
53423Creating a Database with Many Foreign Key Definitions Can Cause Exclusive Lock ErrorNo
53425Tables Containing Many Foreign Key Dependencies Taking Too Long to OpenNo
63426Sensitive Query Results with SELECT Statements that Contain Expressions Can Cause AVNo
63427ElevateDB Server Not Cleaning Up Dead Sessions ProperlyNo
63428Sensitive Queries with Nested Derived Tables Can Cause AVYes
63432Dropping Foreign Key Constraints Can Cause #401 Error with Database CatalogNo
63434Dependency Checks Done When Dropping Users/Roles Can Cause Invalid Error MessageNo
63437Using NULL Constant in CASE Operator Can Cause Compilation ErrorNo
63438UPDATE Statements that Use Sub-Selects with Multiple Columns Can Cause AVNo
73442Table Files Not Updated Properly if Old Catalog File Cannot Be Overwritten During ALTER TABLENo
73443Updates to a Table Can Cause Next/Prior Operations on a Table Cursor to Skip RowsNo
73444Missing Error Codes in the ElevateDB ManualsNo
73449Trying to Alter a Table That is Opened Via a Foreign Key from Another Table Can Cause Locking ErrorsNo
73450ODBC Driver Can Experience AV When Accessing any Tables Containing Column Without Default ExpressionNo
73452Unicode DBISAM 2.x Migrator Causes Various Errors During MigrationNo
73453Insertions Into an Updateable View Are Not Reflected in the DatasetNo
73455Parameterized INSERTs Causing Errors in ElevateDB .NET Data ProviderNo
83456Altering a Table Can Result in Error #100No
93466Executing Queries Against the ServerSessions Configuration Information Table Can Cause AVNo
93469ElevateDB Manager Allows Alteration of Outdated SQL Triggers, Procedures, Functions, and JobsNo
93470Queries with Nested Derived Tables Can Experience Slowdowns with IN/NOT IN OperationsNo
93472Error Triggers Not Re-Raising Exceptions Properly with RAISE StatementNo
93474Custom Error Codes/Messages For Columns Can Cause an AV with a Remote SessionNo
93477Session Connection Interruptions During Table Opens Can Cause "Error Creating Table Handle" ErrorsNo
103479INNER JOINs On Row Values That Contain Constants Can Cause Incorrect ResultsYes
103486Renaming a Job to an Invalid Name Is Improperly Being Allowed to OccurNo
103487INTERSECT Queries Can Cause Result Set Error When DECIMAL Columns Use Different ScalesNo
103488LENGTH() Function Returning Incorrect Results for Compressed CLOB/BLOB ColumnsNo
103489Trying to Refresh Multiple Data Connections in Excel with ODBC Driver Causes ErrorYes
103490Altering a Table with Computed Columns Can Cause Invalid Floating Point OperationNo
103491Closing Down a Connection In Response to a "Connection Lost" Error Does Not Work with Active FiltersNo
103492Importing an Export File Created Using ElevateDB Can Cause Quote Characters To Be RemovedNo
103493ODBC Driver Causing Single Character to Be Removed from CLOB Columns During RetrievalNo
103495DBISAM 1.x Migrator Causing AV and Application Shutdown with Certain BCD ValuesNo
103496Using a DISTINCT Query with a UNION ALL Operation Can Cause Improper BLOB Column ErrorYes
103499Using CAST() With LIST() Aggregate Function Causes Incorrect Results.No
113502INSERT..SELECT Statement Not Respecting ORDER BY ClauseNo
113504Trying to Drop a Column in a Table Created With CREATE TABLE..AS Statement Causes Dependency ErrorNo
113506Using the DISTINCT Clause with Aggregate Functions and GROUP BY Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
113507REPAIR TABLE Not Handling Fatal Errors During Index Repair ProperlyNo

Minor Problems

23373EXECUTE IMMEDIATE USING Clause Not Allowing ERROR Functions in ERROR TriggersYes
23374Cannot Use a DATE Expression in a Default Expression for a TIMESTAMP ColumnYes
33378Cannot Execute ALTER TABLE Statements Against Temporary TablesYes
33380CAST with DATE FORMAT Clause Not Working Correctly without Date DelimitersNo
33383Duplicate Users Can Appear in the ElevateDB Manager When Renaming a UserNo
43409UPDATE Statements Using Correlated Sub-Queries that Reference Outer Statement Columns Can Cause AVYes
43412Ctrl+Tab Not Always Working for Moving Between Tabs in the ElevateDB ManagerNo
43418Inline CASE Operator Not Performing Type Promotion Properly on Returned ValuesYes
43419Grid Columns Not Reflecting ALTER TABLE Modifications in ElevateDB ManagerNo
63429Modules Can Be Dropped When They Are Still In Use by Functions/ProceduresNo
63430Ctrl+N Shortcut Keys Causing Deletion of Selected Text in ElevateDB Manager SQL EditorNo
63431ANSI ElevateDB Manager Not Remembering BIGINT Parameters Between ExecutionsNo
63433Cannot Change Statement Terminator Properly in the Preferences Dialog of the ElevateDB ManagerNo
63435ElevateDB Manager Does Not Insert Statement Terminator When Dragging/Dropping SQLNo
63436Improper Text Not Found Error When Searching and Replacing Text in ElevateDB ManagerNo
73445Using Original Table Names Instead of Table Correlation Names Causes Exception with INSERT QueryNo
73447Breaking Up Multi-Word SQL Statement Keywords Can Cause SQL Execution to Not OccurNo
73448Trigger Error Messages Have the Table Name and Trigger Names ReversedNo
73451Altering Tables Causes Generated Expression Columns to Appear as Identity ColumnsNo
73454Not Passing All Parameters to a Stored Procedure Can Cause an AVYes
93462LargeInt Parameter Assignment Not Working Properly in ElevateDB ManagerNo
93464Migration of DBISAM Database Not Creating Text Indexes as Case-InsensitiveNo
93467Dropping a User with Granted Database Privileges Can Cause ErrorYes
93468Including shlobj.h Header File with C++Builder Project Can Cause Compilation ErrorNo
93471ElevateDB Manager Statement Selection Not Working Properly in Generic ScriptsNo
93473Creating a Copy of a Session in the ElevateDB Manager Can Cause an AVNo
93475Importing Comma-Delimited Text Files with Missing Last CRLF Can Cause AVNo
93476Template Installation Into Repository Does Not Work Properly When Shared Repository SetNo
103485ElevateDB Manager Re-Preparing Queries Between Executions When Query Text Has Not ChangedNo
103494Conversion Error Occurring When Assigning Short Integers to ParametersNo
113498Cannot Remove a Filter Column From a Text Index By Specifying "" for the FILTER TYPE COLUMN ClauseNo
113501IMPORT/EXPORT TABLE Statements Do Not Allow Database NamesYes
113503ElevateDB Manager Not Saving Monitor for Main FormNo
113505Incorrect Error Message When Invalid Statement Keywords Used in ElevateDB ManagerNo
113605ElevateDB Manager Can Experience Parsing Error When Using a Custom Statement TerminatorNo