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Where in the World Is... ?
Posted by Sam Young on Thu, Feb 25 2010

At Elevate Software we are thrilled to be able to say that our products are used all around the world. To bring the point home, we are debuting a little something we like to call "Where In The World Is Elevate Software?"

Our new website will have a section devoted to "Where In The World...", in which we will feature Elevate Software gear being worn by our customers. I am offering an ElevateDB t-shirt to the first 25 customers who email me at samyoung@elevatesoft.com. In exchange for said t-shirt, we would like to include a brief synopsis of your company and how you are utilizing ElevateDB, as well as a photo of your ElevateDB t-shirt, on our website.


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ElevateDB External Modules in Multi-Threaded Delphi Applications
Posted by Tim Young on Tue, Feb 23 2010

An issue recently surfaced with a customer regarding the use of an ElevateDB external module in a Delphi application that was using multiple threads to execute some SQL scripts. The external module was called within the scripts to do some text processing, and there were only two threads being launched to execute the scripts in the background. Much to the customer's dismay, the external module kept blowing up in various places, with no real pattern or indication of the cause.


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Welcome to the New Elevate Software Web Site
Posted by Tim Young on Mon, Feb 22 2010

Welcome to the brand new Elevate Software web site. We hope you like the new look and feel, and would appreciate any comments below.

There are some significant changes to the way that the new web site works, so I thought it would be a good idea to detail those changes here.


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