Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.02

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.02. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12779ElevateDB Manager Not Handling Large Fonts CorrectlyNo
12784Using Optimistic Locking Can Cause Row Lock Errors When Updating More than One RowNo
12786Using an Active Index that Includes a GUID or CHAR Column Can Cause AV in TEDBTableNo
12787TEDBTable CancelRange Does Not Cancel Range Completely When Used with Un-Optimized FilterNo
12788Using a RANGE Clause with Multiple Correlated Sub-Queries Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
12792Stopping the ElevateDB Server While Sessions Are Connected Can Cause AV in Remote SessionsNo
12793Delphi 5 Loses All Settings when ElevateDB Design-Time Package is LoadedNo
12794Migration of Table Data that Contain BLOB Columns Fails with ExceptionNo
12797TEDBQuery OnProgress Event Handler Firing Continuously When Progress Hits 100%Yes
12800A Write Error During the Final Portion of an Alter Table Can Cause Version Mismatch Errors for TableNo
12802Using Computed Expressions in Derived Tables Results in Conversion ErrorNo
12805Using Remove Server Session Task Link in ElevateDB Manager Can Cause ErrorNo
12806Restoring a Backup to an In-Memory Database Causes an Exception When Restored Tables Are OpenedNo
12807Incorrect Error Position Indicated When Comments are Present in SQL StatementYes
12808ElevateDB .NET Data Provider Visual Studio Plugin Contains Incorrect Assembly ReferenceNo
12809Transaction Commit or Rollback Can Cause an AVNo
12811Sessions that Contain Functions that Reference Other Functions Cause AV During Dead Session RemovalNo
12812Changing the Active Index in TEDBTable with an Active OnFilterRecord Event Handler Causes ErrorNo
12813UNIQUE Constraints Not Being Enforced Properly When NULLs Present in Constraint ColumnsNo
12815Calling Refresh After Setting a Range Can Cause Invalid Blank Rows with Remote SessionsNo
12816Executing a SELECT Statement with a JOIN Containing a Filter Condition Only Causes AVYes
12817Executing a Query with a Parameterized IN Sub-Query Returns Same Results with Different ParametersNo
12818IGNORE MISSING UPDATES Clause Not Working for LOAD UPDATES StatementNo
22819Executing a Script in the EDB Manager that Includes Log-Generating Statement Causes Multiple WindowsNo
22820Altering a Table Immediately After Publishing Causes a Version Mismatch Error When Table Is OpenedNo
22823Using TEDBDataSet Locate Method with Delphi 2009 CausesYes
22824Remote DataSet Navigation Results in Incorrect Row DisplayYes
22827Referencing a Different Database In a UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT Query Causes Dangling Read LockNo
32834Columns Incorrectly Allowed with Aggregate Functions in Expressions in SQL StatementsYes
32835Altering the Number of Columns in a Table Constraint Can Corrupt the TableNo
32836Executing a Script with OUT Parameters in EDB Manager Causes Dialog to Be Shown Multiple TimesNo
32838Empty Remote Ranges Do Not Refresh Properly When New Row Inserted Into RangeYes
32840Heavy Concurrent Inserts Can Cause #601 Corruption Error with a SessionNo
32843Referencing a UNIONed SELECT Column Correlation Name in an ORDER BY Causes Incorrect SortNo
42848Debugging Scripts in the ElevateDB Manager Using a Remote Session Causes a HangNo
42852NEWROW BLOB Column Values Are Always Empty in AFTER INSERT TriggersYes
42853Installation of .NET Data Provider Does Not Work Properly with Visual Studio Server ExplorerYes
42854Moving Indexed Columns in an ALTER TABLE Statement Can Cause ErrorNo
42856Calling a Procedure from Within a Trigger Can Cause an AV if the Procedure Returns a Result SetYes
42857Clearing the Contents of a TDBMemo Control Does Not WorkNo
42859Exceptions Raised During the Execution of a Job Can Cause the ElevateDB Server to TerminateNo
42860Trying to Compile the Lazarus Packages Causes Compilation ErrorsNo
42861Dropping a Column Referenced in a Trigger in an ALTER TABLE Statement Causes Incorrect ErrorYes
42863DISTINCT, UNION, EXCEPT, and INTERSECT Queries with More than 4 Columns Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
52864Index Navigation Can Cause Array Index Error Under .NETNo
52865Index Navigation Can Skip Rows Due to Read-Ahead OptimizationNo
62869Help Files Not Installed Into Correct Namespace in Delphi 2009No
62871Triggers Not Working Properly If DDL Statements Cause Reload of the Database CatalogNo
62873Trying to Connect to a Database with Views Causes Object Reference ErrorNo
62874Bookmarks Not Working Properly with Delphi 2009No
62876Assigning a Script to the CommandText Property of an EDBCommand Object Causes Compilation ErrorNo
62877Setting a BLOB Column to an Empty String Causes The Existing Text to Still ShowNo
72890Deleting All Rows From a Table Can Cause #601 Cannot Find Index Page ErrorNo
72892Subtracting a Day Interval From a Date Across Year Boundaries Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
82903Executing Query that Uses Same Derived Table Correlation Name as Existing Query Can Cause AVNo
82906A CONTAINS Filter Can Cause an AV During Navigation of the DatasetNo
82907ALTER JOB Followed By PUBLISH DATABASE Statement in a Script or Job Causes Hang Due to Lock ConflictNo
82908Deleted BLOB Space Not Being Re-Used ProperlyNo
82909Using EXTRACT Function with Sensitive Query Result Set in Remote Session Can Cause Compilation ErrorNo
82910GUID Columns Not Displayed Properly in Visual Studio Query Designer Result Set GridYes
82911Visual Studio Query Designer Using Improper SQL Syntax for JOINsNo
82912Job Start Times Can Drift According to the Finish TimesYes
82914Cannot Use ODBC Driver in MS Access Due to Reserved Error -7778No
82915Embedded CRLF Pairs in CLOB Values Being Converted to Only CR Characters in IMPORT TABLENo
82916ElevateDB Requiring OnRemoteReconnect Event Handler for Re-ConnectionYes
82917Querying the Files Table in the Configuration Database While File Creation in Progress Causes ErrorNo
82920External Procedure Parameter Names Being Changed During CALL ExecutionYes
82922Insensitive Query Result Sets Refreshing When They Should Remain StaticNo
82924Using Views in Joins in a SELECT Statement Results in Very Slow PerformanceNo
82925ODBC Driver Not Working Properly with Word and Excel When Importing DataNo
82926CAST Function Returns Incorrect Results When Casting Date and TimeStamp Values to StringsNo
92929Migrating a Database with KeepTablesOpen Setting Turned on for the Session Causes #100 ErrorNo
92930MIGRATE DATABASE Slows Down Considerably in .NET with Many Tables in the Source DatabaseNo
92931Altering a Stored Procedure with No Parameters Using a Remote Session Causes Error in EDB ManagerNo
92934Populating BLOB Parameters via a Stream in Delphi 2007 Unicode Causes Incorrect Data PopulationNo
92935Large Backup Restore Operation May Fail with an Uncompress ErrorNo
92937Changing the Action Time for a Trigger Does Not Take Effect ImmediatelyNo
92939Opening a Table Containing a DATE Column with Microsoft Access and a Remote Session Doesn't WorkNo
92940Unicode EDB Manager Saving SQL Editor Files as ANSI TextNo
92941Concatenating Compressed CLOB Columns in SQL Can Cause Embedded NULL Byte CharactersNo
92942Executing a DELETE Statement Can Cause #601 Invalid Page Number Specified ErrorNo
92943Trying to Continue Debugging a Script Window after a Close Attempt in the EDB Manager Can Cause AVNo
92944Referring to a Column by Name Instead of the Correlation Name Can Cause ORDER BY to Not WorkYes
102947CREATE VIEW Statement Can Result in an Incorrect View DefinitionNo
112950CopyOnAppend Causing BLOB Columns To Share the Same Internal OffsetsNo
112954Trying to Open a Table in a Database with Read-Only Attributes Causes #401 "Table Not Found" ErrorNo
112955TEDBEngine UseLocalSessionEngineSettings Property Not Being Restored Properly During Project LoadNo
112956ElevateDB SQL Reference Help Not Being Loaded Properly in ElevateDB ManagerYes
112957XML Export from BLOB Columns in .NET Data Provider Results in Incorrect XML DataNo
112958UNIONed SELECT Statements Not Binding Column References ProperlyNo
112959.NET Data Provider Causes LOWER() Function to Return Results as UPPER() FunctionNo
112963Restoring a Database Can Cause Issues if New Tables Were Added Since BackupNo
112964Unicode ElevateDB Manager Experiencing Random AVsNo
112965Remote Encryption Password Not Being Set Properly in ElevateDB ODBC DriverNo
112966Single-Row Aggregate Queries with Only Constants and Aggregate Functions Return Incorrect ResultsNo
112967SQL Can Cause "Value Cannot Be Null" Error When Executed Using .NET Data ProviderNo
112968Creating a Database with an Invalid Path Can Cause Database to Become Read-OnlyYes
112969Using REFERENCES Clause for Columns Causes Parsing Error in CREATE TABLE StatementYes
112971Cannot Migrate Certain Older DBISAM Tables with BCD Columns to ElevateDBNo
112972Jobs Defined as EVERY x HOURS Not Executing After the First Day CompletesNo
112973Jobs Defined as WEEKLY Not Executing ProperlyNo
122978Weekly Scheduled Jobs Not Firing on Scheduled DaysNo
122980Tables with Indexed Computed Columns Can Cause AV When OpenedNo
122981UNION Queries Can Cause Index Page Size Error with Unicode DatabasesNo
122982Calling the Same UDF More Than Once in the Same Expression Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
122983Jobs Scheduled as Every X Hours Are Firing Every X+1 Hours InsteadYes
122984Compiling an EDB Application with Range Checking Can Cause Range Check Errors at RuntimeNo
122985BDE Migrator Module Not Setting Transliterate Parameter Properly for Paradox TablesNo
122986Concatenated CHAR or VARCHAR Columns Can Cause Error When the Length Exceeds 1024 CharactersNo
132987Using Locate Method on an Indexed Computed Column or CLOB Column Can Cause Locate to FailNo
132988Migrating a BDE Database to a Unicode ElevateDB Database Fails with Value ErrorsNo
132989Row Updates that Only Update Non-Indexed Columns Can Cause Errors in Other SessionsNo
132990Altering an Existing Index Can Cause Either a Corrupted Index or an Index Page Buffer ErrorYes
142998Trying to Open an Updateable View with Correlated Sub-Queries in the SELECT List Causes AVNo
143000Executing a UNION Query with Expressions in the SELECT List Can Cause AVNo
143001Upgrade Reverse-Engineering Not Working Properly in Unicode EDB ManagerNo
152891Executing a DELETE Statement on Table with Trigger that Starts Transaction Can Cause Lost DeletionsYes
153015Login Attempts that Wait for User Input Do Not Time-Out Properly After the Server Timeout is ReachedNo
153016Trying to Alter an Existing Table and Add a Foreign Key that References the Same Table Causes AVNo
153018Self-Referencing Triggers Not Executing Properly and Stop After One RecursionNo
153019Insensitive Result Sets are Generated Very Slowly When Forced Buffer Flushing Turned OnNo
153020ElevateDB Data Provider EDBDataReader GetBytes Method Returning Data with All Null BytesYes
153021COPY FILE Statement Can Cause Incomplete Destination File During Interrupted Remote CopiesNo
153022Sub-Select Queries that Reference the Same Table as the Outer Query Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
153024Updating a Row in a Table with a Text Index on a CLOB Column Can Corrupt the Text IndexNo
153025Aggregate Functions Not Returning Correct Results with Single-Row SELECT Queries with WHERE ClauseNo
153026Trying to ALTER a Prepared Stored Procedure Can Cause Access Violation When Procedure ExecutedYes
153027Invalid Column References Cause Incorrect Error Message When Table Qualified with Database NameNo
153028Reverse-Engineering Dialog in EDB Manager Reports Database Error When Cancelling UpgradeNo
153029Internal PadL and PadR Functions Not Working ProperlyNo

Minor Problems

12780ElevateDB Manager Not Showing Progress Accurately During Long ProcessesNo
12789SQL Manual Has Incorrect Information Regarding Primary Key BehaviorNo
12790SQL Help Files Were Not Updated ProperlyNo
12795Editing a Session in the ElevateDB Manager Can Cause "Session Name is Missing" ErrorYes
12796FreeNotification Not Being Removed Properly for Destroyed TEDBDatabase ComponentsNo
12798Internal OnFilterRecord Method Does not Handle Exceptions ProperlyNo
12799Using the RANGE Clause with Sensitive Result Sets Can Result in Incorrect ResultsYes
12804Using an ORDER BY with a UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT Query and a Column Correlation Name Causes ErrorNo
12810Opening a Table with an Invalid Filter Prevents Table Open from OccurringYes
12814SQL Manual Shows Incorrect Syntax for SQL/PSM IF StatementNo
22821Move Down Button Does Not Work for Columns or Parameters in the EDB ManagerNo
22822EDB Manager Reverse Engineer Generating Duplicate Table TriggersNo
22825EDB Manager Form State Not Being Restored Properly When Maximized and SQL Window OpenNo
22826Specifying More Values Than Columns Causes in an INSERT Statement Causes an AVYes
22828Setting an Invalid Filter in the EDB Manager Does Not Raise an ExceptionNo
32837VCL Unicode Example Projects Contain Invalid TStringField ReferencesNo
32839TEDBTable FindNearest Method Not Working Properly with Active Filter SetNo
32841Hitting F8 Without an Active SQL Window Causes AV in ElevateDB ManagerNo
32842The TEDBSession CurrentRemoteID Property is Returning an Incorrect ValueNo
32844Rows Locked Manually Using LockCurrentRecord Method Can Cause Memory LeakYes
42850Adding a Description to a Function or Procedure Parameter Causes Error in ElevateDB ManagerNo
42851Reverse-Engineering Generates Incorrect SQL for VIEW WITH CHECK OPTION ClauseNo
42855Unicode ElevateDB Manager Does Not Compile Properly Under Delphi 2009No
42858Attempting to CAST an INTEGER to an Incompatible Interval Value Causes a Conversion ErrorNo
42862Multiplying or Dividing INTERVAL Values Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
52866Derived Tables Not Allowing ORDER BY Statement in INSERT..SELECT StatementsNo
62868FETCH Statement Causes AV when Number of Target Variables Does Not Match ColumnsYes
62870TEDBSession OnRemoteTrace Event Not Showing Correct Trace Record InformationNo
62872TEDBEngine Component EngineType Property Not Changing Properly When Loading New Project in IDENo
62875Queries Upon Non-Updateable Views Not Using Indexes for OptimizationNo
72889Incorrect Default Increment Values When Altering a Table in ElevateDB ManagerNo
72923EDBCommandBuilder Constructor Not Initializing DataAdapter Property ProperlyYes
82904Cannot Run Multiple Instances of the ElevateDB Server as a Service on the Same MachineNo
82913SQL Manual Shows Improper Syntax for Interval ValuesNo
82918varShortInt Not Handled Properly as a Variant Value for Parameters in Delphi 2009No
82919Exceptions Being Displayed in EDB Manager Script Debugger with Pause On Exceptions Un-CheckedNo
82921.NET Data Provider EDBConnectionStringBuilder Improperly Defaulting Compression to Level 6No
92932SQL Editor Caret Disappears When Scrolling Horizontally in the EDB ManagerNo
92933Stored Procedure Parameter Descriptions Not Being Populated During Alter in EDB ManagerNo
92936Remote Store Selection in EDB Manager Not Working ProperlyYes
92938Changing the OF Clause of an UPDATE Trigger Does Nothing in the EDB ManagerYes
92945Executing a CREATE TABLE..LIKE Statement with LIKE Table Prefaced with Database Name Causes ErrorYes
92946Visual Studio TableAdapter Designer Not Working Properly with Procedures Containing ParametersYes
112960ElevateDB Manager Explorer TreeView Scrollbars Not Working Properly Under VistaNo
112961ElevateDB Manager SQL Editor Exhibits a Display Issue When Scrolling HorizontallyNo
112962Foreign Key Constraint Violation Errors are Indicating the Incorrect Table NamesNo
112970Trying to Create a Temporary Table in the Configuration Database Causes AVYes
122977GUID Parameters Not Working Properly with TableAdapters Under .NETNo
143002Executing an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE Statement Against the Configuration Database Could Cause AVNo
153013Importing an Empty CSV File into a Table Causes ErrorNo
153014Creating a Copy of a Session in the EDB Manager Causes the Session to Use the Existing Session NameNo
153017Extra Text After the Last END Block of an SQL Script Does Not Raise an ExceptionNo
153023Clicking on Column Header of Indexed Column in EDB Manager Data View Does NothingNo